0A plate & girder485560574943485661575765
No 1 old steel scrap435055524236414954504654
No 2 new steel scrap394651483831364449454149
4A low residual bales738085827471758387838391
4C new production bales586570675956606872686876
light iron202733302013182024201621
7B mixed steel turnings323944413331344246423846
8B mixed steel cuttings465358554744485660565664
foundry heavy cast iron445156535047505858545462
No 9 cast344146434037404848444048
No 10 light cast 344146434037404848444048
11 cast iron borings323944414138414949454351
12A new production heavy steel scrap 505762595145505863595765

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