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The Environment 100

Date 11 September 2024

Contact Luke Verrier

Phone 0203 433 7547

Recognising our environmental leaders and sustainability champions

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Environment 100, a prestigious new initiative dedicated to highlighting the pioneers and innovators propelling environment and sustainability forward in the UK.

This is your invitation to shine a light on the individuals whose tireless efforts are sculpting a greener, more sustainable future for us all.

Why Enter?

Nominating someone (or yourself!) for The Environment 100 is not just easy, it’s completely free too. It’s a profound way to acknowledge and celebrate the real change-makers in our sector. By making a nomination, you elevate the impactful work of environmental champions, offering them a spot in a revered community of peers, and amplifying their voices to inspire ongoing action and innovation across the sector.

There are seven categories to choose from, each representing a unique facet of the environmental sector and your outstanding work within it!

Who’s Eligible?
The Environment 100 is an open call to everyone in the UK’s environmental sector. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, a pioneering innovator, an activist, or an inspired self-starter making strides in sustainability, green policy, or eco-friendly solution development; this is your platform.

Get your nominations in by: 14 June 2024

Visit: www.ess-expo.co.uk/environment-100

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