Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

We aim to provide you with up-to-date news about sustainable waste management issues, with a big emphasis on recycling policy, legislation and market price indicators. We value your feedback, news items, events details and other information by phone or email to the contacts below. Call us or use the emails below. Send us news ideas at: news@letsrecycle.com

Steve Eminton

Steve Eminton – Editor

Steve specialises in environment topics and has covered water, housing and recycling for a variety of publications. After   taking a degree in politics and economics at Sheffield University, he trained as a journalist with Construction News. He   has since worked on publications including Water Bulletin and Municipal Journal. Over recent years he has specialised in coverage of the recycling and waste management sector as editor of letsrecycle.com. He is a loyal Southampton FC fan.

E-mail: steve.e@letsrecycle.com
Tel: 020 7633 4515

Joshua Doherty – News Editor

Joshua is a journalism graduate with a history in local media across London and the South West. He started his career as a newsreader on a local radio station, before moving into business journalism in 2016 and joining letsrecycle.com in December 2017.  Joshua is also a passionate Chelsea fan.

E-mail: Joshua.D@letsrecycle.com
Tel: 020 7633 4510

James Langley – Reporter

Having graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in English in 2018, James trained as a reporter at Brighton Journalist Works. He began his professional media career with letsrecycle.com in November 2019 after brief stints at local and national newspapers including The i. A long-suffering Aston Villa fan, he enjoys modern literature, cycling and leftfield music.

E-mail: James.L@letsrecycle.com
Tel: 020 7633 4508

Robyn White – Reporter

Robyn trained as a journalist at Kingston University before taking several internships and working as a staff writer for an independent magazine publisher in London. She began her career as a reporter at letsrecycle.com in March 2020. Before deciding to become a journalist, Robyn took a year out to travel and worked at an elephant park in South Africa. 

E-mail: Robyn.W@letsrecycle.com
Tel: 020 7633 4510

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