Every year, over eleven million tonnes of packaging is placed on the UK market, around half of which goes to households, making it a relatively small but visible part of the waste stream.



 –Valpak: Producer responsibility and the NAO study
 –Councils set to benefit more from PRN system


Under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations, which came into force in 1997 and saw targets set for the first time in 1998, packaging producers are obligated to pay towards packaging recycling and recovery by buying evidence, known as Packaging Waste Recovery Notes (PRNs), from reprocessors or exporters. They can fulfil their obligations individually or sign up to Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) which will do this on their behalf.


PRN system


Since the Regulations came into force, it is estimated that between £1.8 – £2 billion has been paid out by obligated companies through the PRN system to increase recycling and recovery rates and recycling rates have more than doubled. Targets are now set up until 2020 and are likely to increase in line with the Circular Economy Package and UK Government resource strategies.

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