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The Zero Waste Awards aims to build a community of sustainable businesses by recognising and rewarding organisations for their efforts in reducing the amount of their wasted resources.

By achieving a Zero Waste Award rating, you will not only be able to celebrate and promote your successes, but you will also have the opportunity to collaborate with more than 500 other likeminded winners, in addition to the scheme partners.

The scheme partners are specialists in their respective fields and happy to provide free advice and guidance to any Zero Waste Award Winners.


To get started, simply visit the Zero Waste Awards Website, view the criteria and begin writing your submission.

Get started: click here

But wait! Before you start your entry… one of the scheme partners, Reconomy, has created handy tool which will show you where you are on your journey towards Zero Waste.

Zero Waste is an important business ambition, and Reconomy help lots of businesses with plans to move up the waste hierarchy and toward this goal. What is often harder to do, though, is show the bigger picture – the direct impact your waste and resource management activity has on climate change as part of your Scope3 downstream emissions.

Reconomy’s Zerowasteometer can give you an illustration of your progress in seconds. So whether you are already well on your journey and focusing on waste minimisation, or have a way to go and just trying to recycle as much as possible – the Zerowasteometer can help you focus and improve toward your goals.


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