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This page contains contact information for LARAC, the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee.

LARAC is the organisation which represents local authority recycling officers and those working in similar or related posts and aims to be the “credible voice for local government concerns on waste and recycling”.
LARAC can be contacted on tel: 01982 382650.

The LARAC 2022 Conference and Awards will be held at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham NEC on 5-6 October 2022, for more information please visit:

LARAC Executive 

Cathy Cook
Tel: 07732 681846

Victoria Burrell
Durham County Council
Tel: 03000 266099

James Ward

Kingston-upon-Hull City Council
Tel: 01482 612778

Treasurer/Policy Officer
Andrew Bird
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
Tel: 01782 742510

Policy Officer
Maria Warner
Recycling Team Leader
Oxford City Council
Tel: 01865 252953

Gareth Rollings
West Sussex County Council
Tel: 03302 224161

Health and Safety Officer
Ashley Wild
Hart District Council
Tel: 01256 845186

LARAC Regional Representatives

Hilary Garlick
Suffolk County Council
Tel: 01473 260576

East Midlands
Eloise Attwood

South Northamptonshire Council
Tel: 01327 322320

Cindy Gardener

London Borough of Hounslow
Tel: 020 8583 6436

Northern Ireland
pending election

North East
Victoria Burrell
Durham County Council
Tel: 03000 266099

North West
Jo Oliver
Rochdale Borough Council
Tel: 01706 922097

Solomon Ede
Senior Enforcement Officer
West Lothian Council
Tel: 01506 284690

South East
Ian Upstone
Cherwell District Council
Tel: 01295 221920

South West
Elizabeth Turner
Teignbridge District Council
Tel: 01626 215842

Paul Quayle
Monmouthshire County Council
Tel: 01633 644192

West Midlands
Anthony Morris
Cannock Chase District Council
Tel: 01453 456812

Yorkshire & the Humber
James Ward
Waste Contracts and Strategy Officer
Kingston-upon-Hull City Council
Tel: 01482 612778

Co-Optees Appointed by Exec 

Edward Raj Yendluri
Recycling Officer
Westminster City Council
Tel: 02076 417 963

Wendy Fail
Northmberland County Council
Tel: 01392 383000

LARAC Support Services

Head of External Affairs
John Coates

Tel: 01982 382650

Internal Affairs Manager
Carole Taylor

Tel: 01982 382650

Support Officer
Mariana McManus
Tel: 01982 382650

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