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Welcome to Orwak Easi , World Leaders in Compaction and Baling Technology

Orwak was established in Sweden in 1971. Always providing high quality Orwak waste handling systems to support your recycling and environmental objectives. Continuously innovating and producing ‘state of the art’ technology to improve your experience and ensure you have the best solution for your compacting and baling needs.
Orwak Easi has nearly 200 years of industry experience in the UK alone. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best equipment, with the best support. As a result our integrity and knowledge means you can be sure of honest, straightforward solutions to your waste and recycling needs. Furthermore, our specialists have local knowledge on a nationwide scale, and personally work through your processes with you to offer advice on the best outcome.

Meet TOM. The compactor for public spaces with high footfall. TOM will give a compaction ratio of 7:1, and makes the operation of emptying public bin areas much easier – fewer empties, less labour-intensive and most importantly helps to create a better visitor experience.

Orwak Compact Balers are designed for their small footprints, ideal for small amounts of recyclable waste. They will fit where you need them, yet still provide effective compaction. Bales are lightweight and easy to handle. Each Compact Baler comes with a bale trolley.

Orwak Power is the latest Baler family in our range. Their new design and innovative technology makes the Power range of Balers the toughest, safest, and most intelligent in the world today.

Orwak Multi Balers are perfect for businesses with more than one waste stream to process. Multiple types of waste can be dealt with at the same time. You can also add chambers if your waste streams increase. With our unique safety system, the Multi range are the safest multi-chamber Balers in the world.

The Orwak Flex range offers various solutions to various waste issues. From general and hazardous waste to cardboard, plastic and tins/cans. The Flex range is versatile, hygienic and a safe solution to special requirements.

The Brickman range gives the user the ability to compact huge amounts of waste very quickly and without any tying. Average compaction ratio is 20:1, creating extremely dense brickettes. Perfect for aluminium cans, polystyrene, cardboard and more.

Orwak can also offer low cost Refurbished Balers and Compactors. Fully refurbished by our Engineering Department, using only the best quality parts. Availability dependent on current stock levels. Call us for details.

Baler and Compactor Accessories
Orwak can supply the highest quality Baler and Compactor Consumables. Bags, wires, strapping, twine and more for all your Baler and Compactor needs. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Exclusive deals on bulk orders.

Maintenance and Service
At Orwak Easi, we pride ourselves on the range of service and maintenance contracts we can offer our customers. This helps to ensure that your equipment is kept in a good working condition, preventing breakdowns, and maintaining health and safety standards.
We offer fully inclusive rental or outright purchase of our equipment, dependent on the customers’ needs.
We can also supply service-only contracts on any make of baler or compactor, with either one or two service visits per annum.
If a full maintenance package is required, we can also supply this on all balers and compactors. You can be assured that we are just a call away, our engineer will fix any problems you may have, letting you get on with the more important things.
If you have a baler or compactor that requires either type of cover, give us a call. One of our engineers can visit site to assess your equipment and from there we can offer you the best solution for you.

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