Sadlers offers unbeatable prices on cardboard boxes ahead of Black Friday

Cardboard box company Sadlers has lowered prices on some customer favourites ahead of Black Friday, with up to seventeen bulk buy offers available on boxes and cardboard sheets while stocks last.

Sadlers is best known for its large stocks of second hand cardboard boxes sold as part of its box reuse scheme. The scheme offers financial incentives to waste producers to persuade them of the benefits of reuse over recycling, while offering cheaper and more sustainable cardboard packaging to UK businesses.

Lauren Sadler, Head of Communications, said:

“Recently we were able to source some small redundant boxes and sell them at only 3p each to our customers. For ecommerce companies or manufacturers shipping small products this price was unbeatable. We sold out of this new range of very low cost boxes within days, and wanted to find other ways to help businesses reduce their costs.”

She continued:

“To help companies prepare for Black Friday and Christmas we have put seventeen boxes on bulk offer, meaning significantly lower prices when customers buy two or three pallets of a box. This will allow people to stock up on their packaging at even lower cost than normal and is particularly useful for those with good storage facilities or those who ship large volumes of products such as in the FMCG sector.”

Sadlers hopes this will prompt businesses to think ahead and not get caught out at the last minute. As well as these offers the company still has four boxes sold at under ten pence each and a large range of second hand and surplus boxes.

To find the special offers go to https://sadlers.co.uk/collections/special-offers-bulk-offers



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