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Novalux Energy Solutions Ltd

Novalux Energy designs and installs renewable energy systems including energy-from-waste, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), biomass and Solar PV. Established in 2010, Novalux works to make sustainable energy accessible for all. As the largest installer of distributed renewable heat and power systems in the UK, Novalux are able to help you identify the correct technology for … Read More


Poor visibility is a huge problem in the waste industry and PIN has set out on a mission to solve it, using new technology, at a low cost, with minimum disruption. PIN’s customer data shows that waste operators don’t know how many RoRo’s and skips they have, or where up to half of them are … Read More


Following our recent relaunch under IPL, a multi-national PLC, we have completely overhauled our business proposition through multi-million-pound UK investments. We are not considered the overwhelming market leader for environmental containers and draw upon our proven approaches to offer the highest quality UK made product, world-class lead times, and best value for money. With state-of-the-art … Read More

Pink Elephant Group

Pink Elephant Group specializes in recycled clothing and currently operates textile bank collections and recycling schemes across the country. We do supply banks and provide regular collection. These textile banks are bright pink in colour, to match our company name and brand. We chose such a name and such a colour to attract more attention … Read More

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