The low cost of second-hand cardboard boxes proves unbeatable for packaging buyers

Sadlers, specialist suppliers of used and surplus cardboard boxes, has seen a continued upward trend of growth in the demand for second-hand packaging during 2022.

Squeezed by sharp price increases and longer lead times throughout the previous year for new boxes, exasperated packaging buyers turned to used boxes as a solution to the crisis; they are much lower in cost, as well as being beneficial for the environment.

While it was thought that demand might plateau this year, it has grown further instead. Energy price rises and further supply chain issues have made many rethink how they operate, and look for longer-term solutions that mitigate some of the price shocks we have seen in recent years.



Lauren Sadler, Head of Communications, explains why box reuse is popular:

“Once companies realise they can save an average of 30% by switching to used boxes they tend to want to stick with us. Our customers are saving hundreds of pounds per order, and that’s a very attractive scenario particularly in a recession.”

She continues, “The energy crisis has really accelerated the need for solutions that can lower business costs quickly. If a company is shipping goods in volume, their packaging costs will be sky high at the moment unless they look to alternatives like used boxes, and that’s exactly what’s been happening.”

Pictured in this article is Dylan Sadler, 5th generation in the family business, who is demonstrating the difference in orders for the same cost: on the left is a pallet of new boxes and on the right is their equivalent in used or redundant boxes for the same budget.

They are encouraging business owners to consider the reuse of boxes not only for the cost benefits but for the environmental benefits too: extending the life of a box prevents the unnecessary over-use of natural resources and reduces CO2. It’s a win-win solution.




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