Used cardboard boxes wanted for reuse


Sadlers, the UK’s number one for used boxes, is appealing to manufacturers and large waste producers with the simple message: “we’ll buy your used boxes and pay you more!”

The Sadlers Cardboard Box Reuse Scheme is a prime example of the circular economy in the UK: sourcing used and unwanted packaging to enable businesses to reuse them. The purpose of the scheme is to extend the life of every box and prevent unnecessary waste.

Companies who bale and recycle their cardboard boxes may be unaware that vast quantities of water, energy and resources will go into the process, only to produce cardboard boxes again. By diverting used boxes to reuse, unnecessary processes are avoided.

The added benefit is that Sadlers pay higher rebates than the alternatives, with no costs. In addition, customers who buy the boxes for reuse get them at lower cost than brand new. The incentives to think ‘reuse’ work both ways.

A company may be a good candidate for the cardboard box reuse scheme if they generate large volumes of undamaged, reusable cardboard boxes on a regular basis.

Lauren Sadler, Head of Communications, explains how it works:

“Cardboard box reuse involves segregating once-used boxes from factory generated waste cardboard. The process is easy to implement and involves very little change to established disposal processes. The changes are minor but the rewards are major; excellent rebates and a better environmental solution. Waste is no longer waste if it’s reused.”

To find out more, visit the Sadlers website.

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