Sadlers celebrates 70 years of cardboard box reuse

Sadlers celebrates 70 years of cardboard box reuse

Established in 1952, Sadlers, who specialise in used and redundant cardboard boxes, is in its 70th year and celebrating growing success with the global move towards more sustainable packaging.

Lauren Sadler, Head of Communications, reflected on the growth. “As a family business we started from humble beginnings selling boxes door-to-door in the fifties. Fast forward 70 years and we’re now working with some of the largest companies in the UK to divert their used cardboard to the reuse market. We’re really proud of the fact that each year we prevent more than ten million boxes from being scrapped. To us, recycling of a single-use item is a waste if it can be reused, and that’s what drives us to do more. We want to extend the life of every carboard box before it eventually goes on to be recycled.”

The business model benefits both the waste producer and the buyer, offering excellent rebates for good quality, reusable boxes, while selling at low prices to companies who require boxes for storage, packing and shipping. It for this reason that the company has received accolades such as a Zero Waste Award and Award for Excellence where it was recognised as ‘circular economy success’.

The advantages of buying used and redundant boxes from Sadlers:

  • Saves money – used boxes can be 30 – 50% cheaper than new
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable – reduces waste
  • Large stocks and a wide range – shipped from Birmingham

The advantages of selling used and redundant boxes to Sadlers:

  • Higher rebates
  • Quick payment
  • Efficient service due to a well-established process and transport network
  • 70 years of experience

Lauren added, “It’s a really exciting time to be at the forefront of the circular economy in the UK. People are finally rethinking their definitions of waste and coming to the realisation that reuse has to be the top priority for a sustainable future.”

To find out more, visit the Sadlers website and see how it works.

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