Ricardo-AEA is one of the world’s leading consultants in the fields of waste management, resource efficiency, carbon management, environmental quality, energy and sustainability – operating in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA and SE Asia. It is a key provider of advisory services to the UK Government and works extensively with the EU and other public sector organisations as well as major private sector clients across the waste industry, hospitality, manufacturing and finance sectors.

Our specialist team of 130 internationally recognised experts is a leader in the fields of life cycle assessment, water efficiency, and carbon modelling. The principal services Ricardo-AEA offers include Resource Efficiency Audits, Green Procurement, Advice and Strategy Planning (e.g. water, energy, materials, waste), Sustainable Product Design, Waste and Resource Management Strategies, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Legislative Compliance Assessment, Impact Assessment, Policy Advice and Research, Recycling Collection, Street Cleansing & Grounds Maintenance Service Reviews and Procurement, Technology Appraisals, Due Diligence, Waste Prevention, Training and Behavioural Change Programmes.

In the UK, we have offices in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Warrington and Oxford. Since 1994 Ricardo-AEA has delivered the UK Government’s Envirowise programme, one of the world’s largest resource efficiency programmes and is now a key contractor in the delivery of WRAP’s Business Resource Efficiency Programme and Zero Waste Scotland’s business engagement programmes. Ricardo-AEA is a subsidiary of Ricardo plc, a global organisation with an annual turnover in excess of £300 million, employing over 2,300 staff in 21 offices around the world.

Ricardo - AEA

address Gemini Building
Fermi Avenue
OX11 0QR

website http://www.ricardo-aea.com/cms/

email adam.read@ricardo-aea.com

Phone +44 (0)1235 753 171

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