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Non-ferrous metal prices 2019

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2019 £ per tonneaJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune
Dry bright wire420041504400440042004000
Heavy copper360035503800380036503450
No 2 copper wire34003400 3650370035503250
Braziery copper31003050 3200320030002800
Insulated copper cable105011001200120012001100
Brass cuttings260026002700250025002400
Brass swarf26002600 2700250025002400
Brass and copper radiators200020002200220022002000
Mixed brass26002600 2700250025002400
Heavy brass26002600 2700250025002400
Pure aluminium cuttings900900 900850850850
Aluminium alloy cuttings900900 900850850850
Old rolled aluminium550550 600600550550
Clean cast aluminium700700 700650600600
Aluminium turnings400400 400400400400
Aluminium foil200200200200200200
Lead scrap120012001200120011001000
Batteries540540 540530520500
Zinc mixed scrap650650700700700600
Zinc cuttings800800900900900800
18-8 stainless steel solids720720 780830820720
2019 £ per tonneaJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Dry bright wire400041004000400039003900
Heavy copper345036003500340034003300
No 2 copper wire325034003400310031003100
Braziery copper280030003000290027002700
Insulated copper cable110011501150110011001000
Brass cuttings240024002400220020002000
Brass swarf240024002400220020002000
Brass and copper radiators200020002000190018001700
Mixed brass240024002400210020002000
Heavy brass240024002400220020002000
Pure aluminium cuttings850850800800800800
Aluminium alloy cuttings800800750700700700
Old rolled aluminium500500480400400400
Clean cast aluminium550550500450450400
Aluminium turnings390390350300300300
Aluminium foil200200200200200200
Lead scrap100012501250120012001100
Zinc mixed scrap600500500500450450
Zinc cuttings800800800800750750
18-8 stainless steel solids720800800700680680