Opinions Thursday 12 December 2019
10 December 2019

Investment and the circular economy

OPINION: James Piper, CEO of Ecosurety, considers the benefits of a circular economy and outlines how investment is critical if the UK are to make the transition. It is a year since the ...


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11 September 2019

The impact of changing consumer behaviour


OPINION: Ahead of the upcoming September 19 webinar discussing ‘The impact of changing consumer behaviour and the importance of effective engagement’ Reconomy’s head of sustainability and social value, Diane Crowe, looks at how heightened ...

10 September 2019

Establishing the ‘bookends’ of EPR for WEEE


Mark Burrows-Smith, chief executive of WEEE producer compliance scheme Repic examines how the requirement for manufacturers to cover the 'full net cost' of their products at the end of life impacts electronics producers. ...

6 September 2019

Let’s be clear about plastic


OPINION: Jeff Rhodes, head of environmental and external affairs at Biffa, discusses the importance of supermarkets moving away from dark coloured plastics and the need to ensure packaging is easily recyclable. Sainsbury’s ...

Jacob Hayler 29 August 2019

Unpicking the challenges facing our sector


OPINION: Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services Association (ESA) considers the challenges facing the resources and waste sector over the coming 12 months and beyond. The summer holidays gave me time to ...

27 August 2019

Making a difference through good business


OPINION: Michael Bennett, managing director of Pelican Communications, examines how consumer attitudes to the environment can help to influence business practices. In 2018, following Sweden’s hottest summer ever, teenager Greta ...

19 August 2019

‘Consider all PRN options, not just a compliance fee’


Martin Trigg-Knight, packaging compliance scheme manager, Clarity Environmental, reasons that the introduction of a compliance fee is not the only way that changes to the PRN system could be made.

15 August 2019

Opinion: ‘It’s time to get your head in the cloud’


The waste sector can be disrupted by nimble businesses using technology with industry needing to prepare and react through good use of IT, says Mark Abbas – CMO & director of business development at AMCS Group.

29 July 2019

Labelling, recycling and OPRL


OPINION:  Packaging commentator Tony Hancock, from the Dumfriesshire-based 'Independent Packaging, Environment and Safety Forum, gives his thoughts on the OPRL's - On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd - plans for a review of labelling rules.

19 July 2019

Levelling the playing field in plastics recycling


OPINION: Steven Walsh, sales engineer at sorting technology specialist TOMRA Sorting UK discusses how amending a disparity in how PRNs and their export equivalent, PERNs, are claimed could result in a boost in investment in recycling in the UK.