UK-based project aims to supply energy to Ukraine

Aimed at constructing micro power plants fuelled by waste biomass, a project valued at £1.9 million has launched in the UK, with the objective of suppling energy to Ukraine. 

Ukraine’s energy sector has been repeatedly targeted by Russian missile and drone attacks, with many areas having been left without power. 

Through the InnovateUkraine competition, supported by UK International Development and hosted by the British Embassy Kyiv, Compact Syngas Solutions will collaborate with Compact GTL (CGTL) and Concord Engineering Ukraine, headquartered in Dnipro, to supply energy to Ukraine. 

Sergiі Dovgalyu at Concord Engineering Ukraine said: “Many residents in rural areas have no access to reliable energy, with the national grid destroyed in many parts of the country and suffering frequent power cuts in others.  

“Producing power from easily available waste will drastically improve the lives of residents who are currently struggling without electricity and heat.” 


As part of the project Compact Syngas Solutions (CSS), headquartered in Deeside, North Wales, has created a gasification method that converts waste into syngas- a blend of hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide and monoxide which it has said is suitable for eco-friendly fuel combustion. 

Using this method it has designed a “MicroHub” which aims to supply electricity to two Ukrainian factories employing over 100 individuals and contributes to powering 45,240 nearby residents. 

The MicroHub will be designed at CSS’s UK facilities, then constructed and integrated with carbon capture and gas separation technologies at a site in Ukraine, utilising CSS’s carbon capture system.

Paul Willacy, managing director of Compact Syngas Solutions, said: “Attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have left millions of residents without power over the past two winters, and this project could play a small part in helping the country to rebuild. 

“These MicroHubs will deliver affordable energy and heat to communities, no matter how rural they are.” 

Each 1MWh plant, producing 500kW power and 500kW heat, will generate employment opportunities for over five skilled technical and operational workers, along with an additional ten workers in the supply chain. 


Compact Syngas Solutions has also recently secured nearly £4 million in government funding to enhance the environmental sustainability of its biomass and waste-to-hydrogen plants through carbon capture technology. 

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