Construction plans are set for GAP Alba’s ‘100% net zero’ fridge facility

GAP Alba, the Scottish arm of GAP Group, has announced that the “world’s most environmentally friendly fridge facility” is on track to begin construction in September 2024.

Designed to achieve a 100% net zero carbon footprint, the facility will be located at the Binn Eco-Park near Perth, Scotland. The park is operated by Binn Group, already home to several green energy and environmental businesses. GAP Group already operate a WEEELABEX accredited site in Gateshead.

The fridge facility will be powered by the park’s own renewable energy grid power and the Eco-Park will also assist with the safe disposal of outputs, such as fridge gasses and polyurethane (PUR), which GAP Alba have said will be used as an energy from waste feedstock.

GAP Group’s existing facility is said to be currently recycling upwards of 750,000 fridges a year and is only one of two fully operational WEEELABEX accredited sites on the UK mainland.

The new Eco-Park located facility will have the capacity to safely recycle up to 650,000 fridges a year and it’s thought that its opening will create 50 jobs in Scotland and 20 more associated with the facilities supply chain.

Peter Moody at the Gateshead facility

‘Brighter future’

Peter Moody, group chief executive of GAP Group, said: “We have been working on this project for some time and I was delighted to place the equipment order earlier this year with the European manufacturer and we will be looking to take delivery off the equipment on site toward the middle of the year which means we are on track to have the site fully operational by early 2025.

“We are hugely excited at the prospect of providing Scotland with such a landmark addition to its safe WEEE capability. This is particularly the case as we look to achieve the gold standard WEEELABEX accreditation at the new site, positioning Scotland at the forefront of European and global WEEE recycling technology.

“In addition the 100% net zero carbon footprint bolsters Scotland’s green credentials as we all look to achieve a brighter future through providing an environmentally sustainable WEEE recycling alternative.”

Allan MacGregor, Binn Group chief executive officer, said: “Binn Group is delighted to have landed this next generation project at the Binn Eco Park. The new GAP Alba cooling equipment recycling facility represents an evolution in the management of Scotland’s fridges, with evidenced reductions in the carbon emissions from the management of this waste stream.”

‘Driving innovation’

Graeme Milne, chief executive of REPIC, said: “GAP Group’s investment in a new facility with WEEELABEX accreditation based in Scotland, marks a significant investment in high- quality WEEE treatment standards in the region.

“This investment not only elevates sustainability practices but reinforces Scotland’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering a circular economy. REPIC recognises the importance of such initiatives, and we look forward to collaborating with GAP Group to further elevate standards and contribute to a sustainable future for Scotland.”

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