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Pink Elephant Group specializes in recycled clothing and currently operates textile bank collections and recycling schemes across the country. We do supply banks and provide regular collection. These textile banks are bright pink in colour, to match our company name and brand. We chose such a name and such a colour to attract more attention to our work and to the recycling and reuse of textiles. We understand that it takes less energy to reuse and recycle material than it does to produce the same material from scratch.



Phone 0116 326 3262


28-32 Devonshire Road

Therefore, our emphasis on what we accept and don’t accept is written on our textile banks to promote the reuse of clothing.  90% of what goes in our textile banks is reusable.

Through the operation of its textile banks, Pink Elephant Group generates monthly payments to site owners in exchange for using their space. This is ideal for local authorities, commercial companies, and charities who could not only make a positive impact on the environment by letting Pink Elephant Group use their spaces, but also create an extra financial stream in the process.

Looking to the future, Pink Elephant Group is aiming to broaden its scope by attaining new contracts for its textile banks throughout the UK, as well as exploring innovative ways to reuse and recycle clothes through working with other stakeholders in the industry.

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