Poor visibility is a huge problem in the waste industry and PIN has set out on a mission to solve it, using new technology, at a low cost, with minimum disruption.



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PIN’s customer data shows that waste operators don’t know how many RoRo’s and skips they have, or where up to half of them are located. There is spare inventory in your container fleet that you are unable to see, along with containers that sit at customers for extended periods of time that don’t generate a return.

We have a solution that creates an average of 30% additional capacity within your existing fleet, which means you can grow your business and avoid purchasing new containers for up to 10 years.

The PIN solution is a skip, RoRo and transport management system that enables waste operators to track their containers and vehicles in real time.

We supply tracking devices for each container and vehicle and fit them with no operational disruption. From this point forward, every movement and job is automatically tracked and presented via our unique software which you log in to.

From logging in, you have full visibility of your waste operations. You can see how many containers you have, where they are located, how they are moving and how often they stay on site between collections. As for your vehicles, you can see their precise location, which containers they are carrying, view each collection and delivery and measure how long each journey takes to complete. Inconsistencies are flagged and can be investigated in one single mouse click.

The software also includes new industry KPI’s. Configurable reporting on containers at customer, service frequency, jobs completed, and transport efficiency provide a unique tool for proactive planning and performance monitoring.

As well as the tracking devices and software, we provide user training and ongoing support.

The PIN solution is proven to reduce costs, increase sales, improve customer service and compliance whilst making the management of a RoRo and Skip operation demonstrably easier.

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