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Bradshaw is the UK’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles for industry.


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Our range includes electric road legal vehicles, tow tractors, load carriers, walkalong tugs, bin trailers and people carriers.

With zero emissions and low noise levels, they can be used inside and outside.

We are proud of our reputation for producing some of the safest, most robust and versatile products in the sector. If you need an electric vehicle to carry people, products, liquids, recycling or waste, we have the solutions.

This year, we introduced the all-new Goupil G4 electric road vehicles to the UK. The range includes a Flatbed, Pick-up, Tipper, Pressure washer, Leaf collector, Waste or Recycling collector, Cage body and Van body. They are all road legal electric vehicles. See all of the models on our website.

Full product range:
tow tractors
load carriers
walkalong tugs
electric road vehicles
bin trailers
people carriers
utility vehicles
high tip vehicles
golf buggies

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