TfL awards waste contracts worth £21.1m

Transport for London (TfL) has awarded three waste management companies contracts worth a combined £21.1 million for refuse and waste related services.  

TfL split the contract into four lots for a range of waste services

The contract was split into four lots and encompasses skips and container waste collection and dustcart collection services.

Bywaters was awarded a £9 million contract for skips and container waste collection  services for general waste.

Grundon Waste Management was awarded two contracts worth a combined £3.1 million for the collection of hazardous waste and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Biffa was awarded a £9 million contract for dustcart collection services for London Underground Stations and other Sites in Zones 3 to 9.

The term of the contracts will be seven years with a fixed duration of four years and the option to extend by up to three further years (at TfL’s sole discretion) in increments of 12 months.

General waste

The first lot was for skips and container waste collections for general waste streams and was won by Bywaters.

Bywaters won a lot worth £9 million for skips and container waste collections for general waste streams

TFL said in the tender document that the services in this lot may be carried out at any TfL head office building, any other TfL site or any Greater London Authority (GLA) site, and encompasses a number of waste streams. This includes including mixed recycling, assistance with fly-tipping, toner cartridge recycling and also a range of woods.

Four other bids were made, with the lowest coming in at £5 million.


The second lot, which was worth £2.5 million, was for skips and container waste collection for hazardous waste streams and was picked up by Grundon Waste Management.

Grundon won two lots worth a combined £3.1 million

The services in this the lot are for the same locations as the first but will be a mixture of scheduled and ad-hoc requests, and will cover the following waste streams:

  • assortment of hazardous/COSH waste (including aerosols, paints and oils, oil filters, solvents and adhesives, asbestos, PCB oils (polychlorinated biphenyls contaminated oils)
  • clinical (including offensive waste, animal waste and sharps)

Four bids were made for this contract, with the lowest coming in at £1.5 million.


The third contract was also won by Grundon and is for skips and container waste collections of WEEE and valued at £600,000.

This will cover a range of WEEE streams including large and small household appliances and monitoring and control devices.

Three bids were received for this contract, with the lowest coming in at £350,000.


The fourth lot was awarded to Biffa  and was for the provision of bag and wheelie bin collection services at nominated stations and operational buildings within London travel zones 3-9.

Biffa won a £9 million contract for the provision of bag and wheelie bin collection services

Dustcart collection services are required 24/7 every day of the year (excluding Christmas day), TFL says. And the collections are mainly based around three waste streams:

1) Mixed commercial waste;

2) Segregated newspapers; and

3) Dry mixed recycling.

Biffa issued a statement shortly after,  saying the contract award will see Biffa handle collections for over 200 stations, collecting an average 6,000 tonnes of waste each year.

Biffa says it will also work closely with TFL to provide advice and develop ways to manage waste across its network in a more sustainable way.

Martin Nobes, head of new business at Biffa, said: “We are very excited to be working with the iconic Transport for London, helping to optimise its waste management strategy and increase recycling rates across the network. At Biffa we are wholly committed to helping our customers recycle more, and we relish the challenge to apply our knowledge and experience to achieve this with TFL.”


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