Suez and Circular Fuels collaborate to turn RDF into ‘liquid petroleum gas’

Suez and Circular Fuels Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate to try and deliver a project which will see refuse derived fuel (RDF) turned into a “sustainable liquid petroleum gas replacement” at a site in Teesside. 

The £150 million project was granted planning permission in January 2023

Circular Fuels Ltd was granted planning permission in January for a gasification plant which it said can turn 220,000 tonnes of residual household waste into 50,000 tonnes of rDME, a liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

This, according to the company, will allow businesses to decarbonise their energy use, as rDME produces 85% less emissions when compared to fossil fuels.

As part of the agreeement with Suez, announced yesterday, Suez will:

  • Jointly design and operate the pre-treatment process to produce a refuse derived fuel
  • Provide operation and maintenance services for the plant that will produce over 50,000 tonnes of rDME, a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) replacement fuel
  • Supply some of the c.250,000 tonnes of RDF feedstock required each year to produce over 50,000 tonnes of low-carbon LPG replacement, providing over 5% of the UK’s LPG demand

‘Looking forward’

John Scanlon, chief executive officer at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said: “We’re looking forward to deploying SUEZ’s extensive expertise in energy recovery to work with Circular Fuels Limited as it scales up production of its LPG replacement fuel for households and businesses. Not only will this offer a fossil fuel alternative for off-grid households and businesses, it provides SUEZ’s customers with an innovative solution that reduces the carbon impact of managing their residual waste.

“Renewable and recycled carbon DME is a sustainable fuel that can form part of the UK’s transition to a Net Zero economy. It also has the potential to achieve negative CO2 emissions and replace more carbon intensive fuels, such as coal and heating oil.”


The plant will derive its feedstock from household and commercial waste, Circular Fuels Ltd said.

Ed Hartley, commercial director at Circular Fuels, added: “We’re delighted to announce this MoU with SUEZ recycling & recovery UK today. As part of this MoU, we’re exploring numerous opportunities to work together, across all parts of the supply chain. Seeing the commitment from companies like SUEZ in the development of a circular economy through production of Renewable & Recycled Carbon DME enables its critical role in delivering an energy transition for off-grid areas, and cements the importance of our mission. I look forward to seeing what we are able to achieve together in this partnership.”

To find out more about RDF please visit the RDF conference on 23rd November at Congress Centre, London. To book your ticket please click here.

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