O.C.O Technology commits to €20m carbon capture joint project

O.C.O Technology has announced a joint venture with Petronor, which will see the two companies develop a €20 million facility in the Port of Bilbao, Spain.

Pictured during the visit to the Wretham facility (l-r): Eneko San Martin, Angel Velea, Clayton Sullivan-Webb, Steve Greig, Aitor Azuaga, Carlos Pascual and Ainhoa Martin

This facility will reportedly be the first in continental Europe to product carbon negative manufactured limestone aggregate using O.C.O’s Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT). The process involves the capturing of CO2 from the Petronor refinery, which will then be used to treat municipal waste that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

Work is set to begin later this year, with the plant due to be commissioned in early 2026.

‘Important milestone’

O.C.O CEO Steve Greig said: “This is a hugely important milestone for O.C.O Technology and we are delighted to be working closely with our European partner Petronor. This development marks a number of firsts for us.

“It will be our first large-scale carbon capture and aggregates manufacturing facility in Europe and our first joint venture with the formation of Biscay Eco Aggregates SL (BEA).

“Our innovative processes and products are making a significant difference by contributing to the low-carbon circular economy. We firmly believe that this is just the first of many opportunities to demonstrate how our technology can transform the way the European Energy from Waste sector manages its waste materials.”

O.C.O is a 25% shareholder in BEA, with Petronor holding the remaining 75% stake.

‘Inclusive humanity’

Emiliano López Atxurra, president of Petronor, said: “The plant is, once again, an example of Petronor’s commitment to the goal of decarbonisation based on innovation and technological co-operation.

“We continue the path we have embarked on with real projects and our commitment, in this case to the circular economy and new materials aimed at reducing CO2. We are on a long road, the end of which requires enthusiasm and effort by uniting industry and technology and promoting attractor projects to make decarbonisation a strong idea of inclusive humanity.”

The joint venture project is said to have already won several awards in Spain, including an Innovation Fund Small scale award in 2021, winning a €3.2m investment.

Earlier this year, a further €1,160,000 of funding came through the Basque government’s Indartu programme.

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