SEPA reports a record 62.3% recycling rate for Scotland

Scotland’s recycling rate is at an “all-time high”, with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA) latest data reporting that households, businesses and public services are recycling 62.3% of their waste.

Scotland is said to have generated 10.16 million tonnes of waste

The latest figures are from SEPA’s Scottish Waste From All Sources 2022 Official Statistics.

Scotland is said to have generated 10.16 million tonnes of waste, and the 62.3% recycling rate is reportedly the highest recorded since 2011.

Scotland also continued to reduce its reliance on landfill – with 23.2% of all wastes ending up in landfill, for an “all-time low” figure of 2.30 million tonnes.

Supporting the shift from landfill is an influx of energy from waste (incineration) facilities, which saw an 8.3% increase in Scottish waste being treated by incineration in 2022.

‘Greater resource efficiency’

Vicki White, head of materials at SEPA said: “The fact that Scots are recycling more than ever before is great news, with our highest recycling rate on record.

“The latest data not only shows we’re recycling more and landfilling less, but also that Scottish businesses are continuing to respond to consumers who are continuing to call for less waste and greater resource efficiency.

“Whilst its clear there’s more to do, this latest data is both encouraging and a key milestone in our journey to a more resource efficient, net-zero economy.”

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