Plans to relax planning laws to allow for ‘bin stores’ in front gardens

The government has outlined plans to relax planning laws which will allow residents to install ‘bin stores’ in their front gardens. 

Bin stores are often used in communal properties and the government is looking to relax laws for other houses too

The plans were outlined in a consultation launched by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities this week (13 February).

In the consultation, the department explained that under existing rules, houses that only have front gardens or those with limited external access to their rear gardens are unable to install bin or bike stores in their front gardens.

“This can lead to ‘bin blight’ with wheelie bins dominating front gardens and impacting on the local amenity of residential streets,” the consultation explained.

The consultation proposes that ‘bin stores’ will be allowed to be constructed in front gardens of home.

This consultation will last for eight weeks from 13 February 2024 to 9 April 2024.


The government explained that these amendments would allow for modest development on a front elevation, but it may be necessary to include additional limitations on the size or materials of bin stores to minimise visual and amenity impacts.

It is proposing that bin stores can only be constructed in front gardens if they are no more than 2 metres in width, 1 metre in depth and 1.5 metres in height.

Bins left out on the street can lead to ‘bin blight’ with wheelie bins dominating front gardens, the consultation said


The consultation is seeking views on proposals relating to permitted development rights.

Alongside bin stores, the consultation is proposing amendments to certain rights that allow for the upward extension of a range of existing buildings and allow for the demolition of certain buildings and rebuild as homes.

The government is also consulting on changes to the permitted development rights that allow for the installation of off-street electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This includes amending the rights to allow the installation of wall-mounted and upstand electrical outlets within 2 metres of a highway and the installation of larger upstands.

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