Recresco achieves PAS 2060 ‘operational carbon neutrality’

Glass recycling company Recresco has achieved “operational carbon neutrality” in accordance with PAS 2060. 

Recresco operates sites at Cwmbran and Ellesmere Port (pictured)

PAS 2060  is a specification detailing how to demonstrate carbon neutrality produced and published by the British Standards Institution.

On the BSI Group website, the body explained that the PAS 2060 standard specifies a four-stage process to demonstrate carbon neutrality. This involves:

  • Assessment of GHG emissions based on accurate measurement data
  • Reduction of emissions through a target-driven carbon management plan
  • Offsetting of excess emissions, often by purchasing carbon credits
  • Documentation and verification through qualifying explanatory statements and public disclosure


Project lead and Recresco executive assistant Melanie Mason said: “This achievement is the result of a long term focused effort by our business to address our environmental impact while strengthening the company for the future. We have aligned our business objectives with our environmental goals, placing sustainability and resilience at the heart of everything that we do.

“The nature of our business involves high energy consumption, and we believe it is important to address this in an efficient and environmentally responsible way. Achieving carbon neutrality forms just one part of our strategy around the climate crisis and we are really excited to announce this achievement whilst continuing to work on a series of other exciting projects.”


Working closely with carbon and sustainability experts Redshaw Advisors, and using the Larimar Wind Farm Project, Dominican Republic, and Evergreen Amazon REDD+ project, both from Verra registry, Recresco said it has “successfully compensated the equivalent of its total operational carbon footprint, placing it in an operational carbon neutral position”.

Thiago Gentile, senior carbon advisor at Redshaw Advisors, said: “I am delighted to confirm that Recresco has successfully achieved operational carbon neutrality for its Scope 1, 2 and operational Scope 3 emissions in accordance with PAS 2060.

“This is a fantastic achievement and illustrates the company’s solid commitment to action. It is a pleasure to work with businesses like Recresco as they take this important step to reducing carbon emissions and commit to further activities on their carbon reduction mission. I look forward to supporting Recresco on this journey and seeing their future plans unfold.”

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