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With news on: Keenan Recycling announces increased bin lift collections; British Glass and WRAP unveil ‘roadmap’; Veolia donates £167,000 to wildlife charity; Reconomy launches technology hub; and, Bakers Basco launches theft awareness campaign.

Keenan Recycling announces increased bin lift collections

UK based food waste recycling company Keenan Recycling has announced bin lift collections throughout Wales rose from 121 in 2020 to 37,227 in 2023.

Claire Keenan, director of food waste, Keenan Recycling

The company also reported that overall bin lift collections for Great Britain had more than doubled from last year to 1.3million last year

Claire Keenan, director at food waste, Keenan Recycling, said: “We are proud to be helping the recycling needs of clients to the tune of more than one million bin lifts.

“It’s a clear sign of providing quality service and is testament to the team’s hard work.

“We are particularly excited about our growth in Wales, especially after investing £1m in new eco-friendly trucks to cover the region as part of our goal to have a fully decarbonised fleet by 2030.”

British Glass announces ‘roadmap’

British Glass in partnership with WRAP has announced its ‘roadmap’ which outlines the steps the organisation will make to meet its 90% glass recycling capture rate by 2030 target.

The glass sector in the UK makes a contribution of over £2 billion to the economy annually,

The report, entitled “A Roadmap to Closed Loop Glass Recycling”, reveals that approximately 600,000 tonnes of glass lost to residual waste annually.

Dr Nick Kirk, technical director, British Glass, said: “Achieving at least a 90% glass recycling capture rate is imperative in fostering a sustainable future for the glass industry. This roadmap provides a strategic framework to guide stakeholders in the glass supply chain towards this ambitious but achievable target if the report’s findings are implemented.

“We encourage local authorities and government to continue to engage with ourselves and WRAP; support and collaboration is key in ensuring glass is correctly and efficiently collected and recycled, and this report is a great platform to work from.”

Veolia donates £167,000 to wildlife charity

Peatlands in Lancashire

Veolia has announced it has donated  £167,000 to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust project to restore peatlands in the area.

The organisation says that by restoring the Peatlands it will provide a habitat for the newly reintroduced Manchester Argus butterfly that hadn’t been seen in the country for 150 years.

Sarah Johnson, head of peatland nature recovery at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust said: “We are really excited to be able to acquire this land thanks to the vital funding from Veolia Environmental Trust. The site is another piece in the Greater Manchester peatland jigsaw and will help us create an ecological corridor for nature and wildlife to thrive.

“It will be especially important to our local population of Manchester argus butterflies that we were able to reintroduce to neighbouring Astley Moss SSSI, thanks to previous funding from Veolia Environmental Trust. Without the support of funders like Veolia Environmental Trust we simply wouldn’t be able to make this tangible difference for nature.”

Bakers Basco launches theft awareness campaign

Bakers Basco, the initiative established by Hovis, Warburtons, Allied Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons and Fine Lady Bakeries has announced it is hosting an equipment theft awareness campaign.

The association has said as part of this campaign it will host briefings at bakery sites to raise awareness.

David Chinnick, equipment planning manager at Hovis Ltd commented: “With the support of Stacey Brown (Basco), Andrew Dugmore (Basco), & Tonie Graham (Hovis), all Hovis sites have now been briefed.

“The site briefings have helped raise awareness of what Basco specialises in and how they support Hovis with third parties misusing equipment, theft, and recovery of Hovis equipment. Over 189 Hovis drivers and staff members have been briefed as part of this round of briefings.”

Reconomy launches technology hub

Reconomy has announced it has launched RecoTek, a new technology hub in Bucharest, Romania.

Chief executive Guy Wakeley ,chief information officer Jody Fullman, RecoTek general manager, Mariana Sbarcea open the site

The company say the move will allow it to develop its technology and data capabilities.

Jody Fullman, chief information officer at Reconomy, said: “RecoTek will allow us to expand our digital infrastructure, align our technology strategy with Reconomy’s strategic objectives and support our brands in offering market-leading products to customers.

“It represents an exciting inflection point for Reconomy following a period of rapid organic and acquisitive expansion, as we centralise our mission-critical technology function to catalyse the next phase of our growth journey.”

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