Havant to introduce ‘nine times larger’ glass banks

Havant borough council is to introduce 22 10,700 litre glass recycling banks which are nine times larger than the local authority’s current 1,100 litre collection bins.

Havant's 22 new 10,700 litre glass recycling banks are to be fitted with a sensor device to allow for remote monitoring of the available capacity

The new banks are to be fitted with a sensor device to allow for remote monitoring of the capacity available before emptying is required, “reducing the environmental impact of unnecessary repeated collections,” the council says.

Havant is to begin installing the banks, which will take glass bottles and jars, across the borough “during the next couple of weeks”.

Cllr Lulu Bowerman, Havant borough council’s cabinet lead for environmental services, said she was “very pleased” that the banks’ introduction would allow residents to recycle even more glass.

“The new technology combined with the increase in size will prevent unsightly and overflowing areas in the borough,” she added.

“It will also reduce the number of trips made to empty the banks, reducing our carbon footprint, in line with the council’s corporate strategy.”

Norfolk council-owned Norse South East, Havant’s collections contractor, is to collect the banks using a skip-carrying vehicle rather than a conventional refuse collection vehicle.

Cllr Bowerman said: “The new method of collection, by a skip carrying vehicle, will also reduce the risks to collection crews and the concerning sound levels identified with smashing glass when emptied.”


Representing an estimated population of around 125,000, Havant borough council had a household waste recycling rate of 33% in the 2020/21 financial year.

Havant does not currently offer a kerbside glass collection service. Glass collected from banks in the borough is taken to a materials recycling facility in Portsmouth, run by Veolia on behalf of Hampshire county council.

Norse began collecting household waste and recycling in Havant in April 2016 (see letsrecycle.com story).

Under the joint venture, Norse provides Havant with household refuse, recycling and garden waste collections, as well as street cleansing, cemetery and allotment maintenance. Its contract runs up to 2026.

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