Flintshire council warns vehicle provider shutdown poses potential disruption

Frontline services in Flintshire could be disrupted, following the local authority’s vehicle provider going into administration.

Flintshire council have outsourced the supply and maintenance of its fleet of over 400 vehicles to Essential Fleet Services since 2016.

It has now come to light that Go Plant Fleet Services, as it’s now known, has gone into administration.

The council’s seven-year contract with the provider ended last year and was temporarily extended for six months, due to concerns that failing to reach a formal agreement could lead to bin collection disruptions.

The authority’s monitoring officer Gareth Owens told Deeside.com that a termination of the contract, at the time, would have resulted in “all of its vehicles being taken away”, including bin lorries.


Following Go Plant Fleet Services entering administration, the council has reported that services are running normally, but has reportedly warned of the possibility of future disruption as it looks to find “alternative vehicles”.

Chief executive Neal Cockerton said: “Flintshire County Council is aware that Go Plant Fleet Services, who provided fleet management services to the council, have entered administration.

“We are in discussions with the administrators to resolve matters. Currently services remain as normal.

“We are engaged with local and national suppliers to ensure the continuity of services, however, some disruption may be inevitable during the period of transition.”

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