Apple to expand repair options with reused parts

Apple has announced plans to incorporate used genuine parts into its repair processes.  

Apple WEEE recycling

The initiative, set to debut this Autumn with select iPhone models, aims to provide customers and independent repair providers with additional options while minimising environmental impact. 

Central to this advancement is the “pairing” process, which ensures the authenticity of repair parts and safeguards user privacy, security and safety.  

Apple has said it has developed methods to enable the reuse of components like biometric sensors for Face ID or Touch ID, ensuring that calibration for genuine Apple parts, whether new or used, occurs directly on the device after installation. 


To streamline the repair process, Apple has reported it will no longer require the provision of a device’s serial number when ordering parts for repairs not involving the replacement of the logic board.  

Additionally, the Activation Lock feature, previously used to deter iPhone theft, will now extend to iPhone parts, preventing stolen devices from being dismantled for parts. 

Apple has also said it will provide owners with access to a device’s full part and repair histories through the Parts and Service history feature within iOS Settings. 


John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, said: “At Apple, we’re always looking for new ways to deliver the best possible experience for our customers while reducing the impact we have on the planet, and a key part of that means designing products that last. 

“For the last two years, teams across Apple have been innovating on product design and manufacturing to support repairs with used Apple parts that won’t compromise users’ safety, security, or privacy. With this latest expansion to our repair programme, we’re excited to be adding even more choice and convenience for our customers, while helping to extend the life of our products and their parts.” 

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