News Friday 16 April 2021
16 April 2021

Consistency consultation delay met with disappointment

Defra’s decision to delay the publication of its second consultation on consistent collections until after the local elections on 6 May has been met with disappointment from the waste sector. The consultation of consistency in recycling collections is one of three which will shake up the UK’s recycling system. ...

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7 April 2021

MRF glass value falls


The value of mixed glass from materials recycling facilities (MRFs) has fallen in the last few months, recyclers say. Glass from commingled collections is often heavily contaminated with a variety of other materials. Historically ...

6 April 2021

Milton Keynes residents to receive four wheeled bins  


Homes in Milton Keynes will receive four-wheeled bins each, as part of plans to reduce contamination and increase recycling from 2023. The move follows a trial as well as a consultation by Milton Keynes council. The consultation, ...

6 April 2021

Prime Biomass directors sentenced and fined


Two of Prime Biomass Ltd’s directors were sentenced in the Old Bailey last week for operating an illegal waste wood operation in Essex, the Environment Agency has noted. According to the Agency, 59-year-old Mehmet Mustafa of ...

6 April 2021

Willshee’s invests in Swadlincote ‘state-of-the-art’ MRF


Burton-based Willshee’s Waste and Recycling announced in March that it had opened what it considers to be the “most advanced recycling plant in the Midlands”, following a £10 million investment. The material recycling ...

6 April 2021

Opinion: The plastics recycling landscape


Director of recycling at Indigo Environmental, Paul Rendle-Barnes, shares his views on the role local plastic recycling can – and should – play in helping the UK to reach a more circular economy.

6 April 2021

Councils weigh up HWRC booking systems


With the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions, councils are weighing up the benefits of booking systems at their household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). Booking systems were introduced at many HWRCs following the reopening of ...

6 April 2021

Amey company fined over 2016 reversing fatality


A reminder about the need to reduce vehicle reversing was issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following a court case over a fatality in 2016. The case, heard at Northampton Crown Court last week, resulted in a fine for...

1 April 2021

Packaging data for 2020 ‘a credit to sector’


Provisional data published by the Environment Agency which shows that packaging targets were comfortably met in 2020 have been welcomed by compliance specialists.  The data, published on 25 March, shows that all materials ...

1 April 2021

Oxford council says recycling increased in 2020/21


Oxford city council has said it has seen an increase in its recycling rate over the course of the pandemic.  It revealed its latest figures which it says show that Oxford achieved a recycling rate of 53.02% 2020/21, up from 52.23...

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