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Hello, we’re Mattress Online and if you haven’t guessed – we know a thing or two about mattresses and how to get the best night’s sleep.

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Based in the heart of South Yorkshire, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and we’re proud to work with the best bed and mattress brands in the UK.

At Mattress Online, we prioritise sustainability at every point in our business – and as sustainable leaders in the mattress and bed industry, we’re always striving to do more.

We have been recognised by Modern Retail’s Good Retail Awards for our constant drive for sustainability and our commitment to the environment.

Our collection and recycling service is a convenient way to dispose of your old mattress while also helping to reduce landfill waste.

All the mattresses that we pick up are recycled at dedicated recycling centres, where they are stripped down and disposed of professionally.

A National Bed Federation report estimates that only 14% of mattresses are recycled each year in the UK – that equates to 900,000 mattresses!

We’re proud to say that since the start of our recycling initiative we’ve helped to save over 150,000 mattresses from landfill.

Mattresses that are sent to landfill have a serious impact on the planet. They can release toxic chemicals into the air, water and the ground. Landfill sites also destroy the natural habitat of wildlife, which can be devastating to local ecosystems.


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