News Sunday 9 May 2021
7 May 2021

Defra issues consistency consultation

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has this morning (7 May) released its delayed consultation on consistent collections in England. In the document, Defra confirms the proposal of free garden waste collections, a preference for more frequent than fortnightly collections in urban areas and weekly food...

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28 February 2001

Climate levy discounts are won by Paper Federation


The Paper Federation has reached an agreement with the government over the climate change levy which it believes minimises the adverse effect of the levy on the UK papermaking industry. The agreement entitles all participating ...

28 February 2001

Recycling option forms part of Southampton course for waste professionals


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Southampton is offering a new part-time modular MSc course in Sustainable Wastes Management. The course has been developed with support from the ...

28 February 2001

Blood-lead levels down in scrap sector but overall figures are still up on 1998


There has been a further small fall in the total number of workers in Great Britain exposed to lead. The highest blood level of lead contamination are to be found by workers in the demolition and lead battery sector at 2.9% and...

27 February 2001

Textile recyclers seek to tackle problem of duplication of textile banks


The UK’s textile recyclers are to look at drawing up codes of practice to try and resolve difficulties which arise when different organisations have textile banks at the same site. The proposal was agreed at a meeting of the ...

27 February 2001

PRN million fails to help avoid closure of East Lancs paper mill


More than an estimated 1 million in PRN revenue has failed to stem losses at the East Lancs paper mill and help keep it afloat. A spokeswoman for the administrators Arthur Andersen today confirmed that production has ceased at the ...

26 February 2001

Cullet recycling rises by 14% in 2000


Recycling of glass bottles and jars rose by 14% or 67,000 tonnes in 2000 according to figures released by the trade organisation British Glass. But, the UK is still believed to have the lowest level of glass recycling in Europe even if the ...

23 February 2001

Prices for old KLS move down prompting fears of more going to landfill


Prices for old KLS (generally old cardboard boxes) paid by UK paper mills to merchants have fallen to around the 40-45 mark (ex works per tonne) prompting merchant gate prices to weaken as well. One northern board user is thought to be paying ...

23 February 2001

BGRC takes non-contracted cullet but future role is uncertain


The two shareholders of the British Glass Recycling Company are locked in talks over the future of the business which buys cullet from many local authorities and independent glass collectors. Last year it was revealed that ...

22 February 2001

Recycling challenges:


Conference report A wide-ranging conference which produced a lot of answers ...

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