News Wednesday 16 June 2021
16 June 2021

Amey makes ‘good progress’ on waste contract sales

Infrastructure services provider Amey says it made “good progress” on the disposal of its waste collections businesses in 2020 after announcing its intention to leave the sector last year. Amey UK plc published its accounts for 2020 yesterday (15 June). The company’s waste collections division’s revenue was £84.8 ...

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25 May 2001

IWM slams Greenpeace’s occupation of Sheffield incinerator


The Institute of Wastes Management has attacked Greenpeace for its occupation of Sheffield’s Bernard Road incinerator. The IWM has criticised Greenpeace’s actions and called the protest "irresponsible". The Institute issued a statement ...

24 May 2001

Planning changes should help councils meet waste strategy targets


Revisions to planning regulations should make it easier for councils to approve waste-related planning applications and enable them to meet the waste strategy targets. The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions...

24 May 2001

Sheffield wins injunction to end Greenpeace occupation of incinerator


Sheffield City Council today won an interim injunction against Greenpeace preventing the campaign group from "inciting or encouraging trespass" on the site of the city’s Bernard Road Incinerator. The application was heard ...

24 May 2001

London exhibition aims to show options for recycled products


The Greater London Assembly has set up an exhibition which it hopes will encourage people to recycle. The event contains a range of items which are made from recycled materials. The products include bags made from tube seat ...

23 May 2001

Broadland finds 31% organic level in household waste


Broadland District Council is to charge residents for a green waste collection to encourage them to compost. The Norfolk local authority is looking at introducing a second bin for garden waste and residents would have to pay ...

23 May 2001

Autumn launch for National Waste Awareness campaign


The National Waste Awareness Initiative will finally be launched this autumn in a bid to drive up public awareness of the need to reduce and recycle waste. The campaign aims to cover England and Wales with a separate scheme ...

22 May 2001

DETR reports England and Wales household recycling rate of 10.3%


Household waste recycling rates across England and Wales have risen nationally to an average of 10.3% according to figures released today by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The new figure, which ...

22 May 2001

Larac welcomes recycling rise but stresses need for funding


Larac, the organisation which represents local authority recycling officers, today welcomed the news that average household waste recycling rates for England and Wales have risen by 1.5% to 10.3%. Paul Deakin, vice chair, said...

22 May 2001

RSA unveils website for environment awards


A web site listing a mixture of environment and sustainable development awards has been compiled by the RSA with funding support from the government, Biffaward and consultants KPMG. The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement ...

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