News Wednesday 19 December 2018
18 December 2018

‘Modulated’ EPR fees to pay for better council collections

Environment Secretary Michael Gove today (18 December) clarified how an Extended Producer Responsibility system for waste packaging could feed cash back to councils to spend on improved recycling services. Money raised from an extended producer responsibility system will be used to boost household recycling through ‘...

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18 December 2018

LARAC calls for clarity on Resources Strategy funding


Local authority association LARAC has raised concern that Defra’s plans for reform of the packaging system will be “insufficiently robust”. The comments follow the publication of Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy today...

18 December 2018

Resources and Waste Strategy – live reaction


Defra has published its much-anticipated Resources and Waste Strategy today (18 December). Headline policy proposals include the prospect of separate food waste collections for every household and an overhaul of the ...

18 December 2018

Resources and Waste Strategy: A major step forward, with lots to do


Dr Marcus Gover, chief executive of resources charity WRAP - previous the Waste & Resources Action Programme - which advises government on waste and recycling and also implements some actions, gives his thoughts on the newly published Resources ...

18 December 2018

Strategy: Waste crime targeted; no Incineration Tax


Environment secretary Michael Gove, in his ministerial foreword to the Resources and Waste Strategy, puts the cost of waste crime at £600 million in 2016, and pledges to tackle it and protect the environment. Proposed new ...

18 December 2018

Strategy: Defra sets out food waste actions


Defra has set out its aim for every household in England and many businesses to have a weekly separate food waste collection in place from 2023. The measure – which is subject to consultation – is laid out in the environment ...

18 December 2018

Packaging waste ‘immediate priority’ in Defra strategy


Manufacturers of packaging and other consumer products face increased costs for the recycling and disposal of their goods – as government seeks to carry out a major overhaul of the producer responsibility regimes for waste. The ...

18 December 2018

Gove promises end to ‘offshoring’ of waste


Environment Secretary Michael Gove has promised to end the ‘offshoring of waste for others to deal with’, in the government’s eagerly-anticipated Resources and Waste Strategy, published this morning (18 December). The 147-...

17 December 2018

Research looks at waste wood in construction sector


EXCLUSIVE: A project is underway in the construction sector to test waste wood for any hazardous content. Early findings are that most treated wood arising from the demolition of buildings built before 2008 is likely to be hazardous.

17 December 2018

Vehicle news round-up (17/12/2018)


With news on: a new fleet for Kettering & Corby; South Tyneside opts for Mercedes; Mick George takes delivery of trucks; and, Grundon invests in vehicle safety.

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