MRF Best Practice Conference 2015

Date 10 December 2015 -
10 December 2015


Contact Daniella Jarvie-Thomas


Phone 020 7633 4500

With the Government’s MRF Regulations having been in effect for close to one year – recycling quality is in the spotlight like never before. MRFs are at the forefront of achieving this quality, and ensuring that they are run in an efficient, economical and environmentally sound manner is of the utmost importance to MRF operators. Join us to look at some of the key issues facing MRFs in 2015 and beyond, from quality of inputs, sorting and material sampling to responding to the MRF regulations. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Anyone who is interested in or currently working in the MRF market, including:
  • Local authorities
  • MRF operators
  • Waste management companies
  • Collection companies
  • Regulators
  • Consultants

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