15 November 2017 QEII Centre, London

Fire Conference

CONTACTDaniella Jarvie-Thomas


High profile fire incidents have affected waste sites both large and small, damaging businesses dealing with a wide range of recyclable materials up and down the UK and causing distress for nearby residents. As well as being a blight on the local community, fires at waste sites damage the reputation of the whole UK recycling sector, which also impacts on the ability of firms to secure insurance.
In order to tackle the problem, the Environment Agency has issued stricter regulations for waste site operators through its Fire Prevention Plan guidance. Meanwhile, regulators and industry have been working together on improving scientific knowledge of how fires occur by testing a range of different waste and recycling materials.
For any operator storing waste materials, as well as their customers feeding or taking materials from recycling sites, being aware of the fire risk and taking action against this is therefore crucial.
With input from regulators, insurers, local authorities and waste companies themselves, this event will therefore not only boost delegates’ understanding of the new regulations, but also provide an opportunity to share best practice on reducing the risk of a fire.


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