Time to make use of public concern

With so much coverage of recycling in the news over the past few months, this has to be something that the waste management sector and councils can take advantage of in a positive way.

Over the past few years, everyone has been strapped for cash and communications budgets have been reduced and some council areas staff numbers cut dramatically.

plastics in the sea
Let’s use concerns about the sea to get a positive message about recycling out to residents and industry (picture: shutterstock)

Recent months have seen masses of coverage of recycling compared to an almost silent period in the press over the past few years.

So, perhaps there is the possibility of jumping on the plastics in the sea ‘bandwagon’ and trying to use the concern generated by the television programmes and other media coverage. This, for example, could see some messages to local residents in newspapers and radios through interviews that spread the message about quality and a need to do recycling properly.

While the restrictions on China markets are causing problems for recyclers and waste management companies, they can also use this to tell their clients in the commercial sector to better prepare materials recycling because of the benefits that will flow down the chain.

Restrictions on materials to China and plastics in the ocean may not be good news, but down the line they may well bring some positive benefits.


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