Waste Producers Monday 21 September 2020
13 August 2020

Packaging in the Circular Economy: Closed Loops – not Loopholes

In this blog, Roger Wright of Biffa responds to the question about how the Circular Economy for packaging looks in a post-Covid world.

Waste Producers Blog by Biffa

4 February 2020

How can online retailers minimise their waste and create closed loop solutions?


In this post, waste and recycling business Biffa give the company's thoughts as to how online retailers can minimise their waste and opt for a closed loop approach.

18 December 2019

Dreaming of a green Christmas?


In this latest blog, Biffa explains the results of a survey it conducted looking at waste arisings during the Christmas period, with many people dreaming of a green Christmas.

5 September 2019

Inside Biffa’s ‘Super MRF’ at Edmonton


In this latest blog, Biffa takes a consumer-style look into its 'Super’ MRF in Edmonton and explains more about the role of the Materials Recycling Facility , how it operates and why it plays a vital role in Biffa’s and the UK’s recycling ...

29 July 2019

The life of a plastic milk bottle


Biffa, which has a busy Polymers Recycling division, explains the importance and simplicity of the milk bottle recycling process.

10 June 2019

Avoid Fly-Tipping – Essential things to look for in waste removal


To avoid fly-tipping, this Blog post gives advice on five "Essential Things To Look For In A Waste Removal Company" and is contributed by Biffa.

1 April 2019

How Biffa’s latest investment in Durham will benefit the UK’s plastic recycling infrastructure


The UK uses 13 billion plastic bottles each year yet only 57% of those bottles enter the recycling system via household recycling collections.

23 November 2018

Hospitality Waste Management In Winter


With such a strong media message about plastic waste this year, thanks to campaigns such as “Plastic Free July”, the idea of a Christmas clean-up is an exciting prospect.

5 June 2018

Your Guide to Closed Loop Recycling


What is closed Loop Recycling? Closed loop recycling is the process by which waste is collected, recycled and produced to make something new. Effectively, the waste does a full circle without having a ...

11 April 2018

Optimising our Paint Treatments


The days of manually pouring paint out of tins are over, thanks to our Compactor for water based paint treatment. The correct treatment of paint is vital to protecting the environment.Traditionally, solvents in paint contained ...