Optimising our Paint Treatments

The days of manually pouring paint out of tins are over, thanks to our Compactor for water based paint treatment.

The correct treatment of paint is vital to protecting the environment.Traditionally, solvents in paint contained high levels of VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which can cause harm to both the environment and human health and wellbeing. That’s why Low-VOC paints, such as water based paints, are more advisable to use. They are also much more durable and less odorous!

But how do Biffa treat unwanted water based paint?

RUNI Compactor

The RUNI Compactor is a piece of machinery that has sat within our Chemical Treatment Division in Sheffield, since 2015. Now it has been moved to our Wednesbury facility, as this is where all our water based paint treatment takes place. Thanks to this piece of equipment, Biffa team members no longer have to manually pour away leftover water based paint before the tins can be processed.

The aim is to deal with waste materials in an environmentally-friendly way, which is also safe and efficient to businesses. Instead of having consider fuel costs for transporting the paint, the Compactor provides a completely in-house process.

But how does it work?
The paint tins are sorted and pulled through on a conveyor belt, where they are then crushed. The paint from the tins flows down a funnel into an IBC container, while the paint tin is ejected and ready for further processing, whether it is made of metal or plastic.

How can this help you?
If your business deals with lots of waste paint (are you a DIY hardware retailer? Do you own a growing interior decorating business?), our paint treatment process will not only save you on overall costs, but your waste management reputation and ecological footprint will improve.

Our Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery is a concept Biffa firmly believe in when it comes to waste management. We have a fully integrated approach to resource recovery, which involves maximising on recycling opportunities and constantly evolving the way our manufacturing and production processes work.

We understand how important it is for businesses, no matter how big or small, to have complete control of their costs. One proven way to do this is to deploy a sound waste management solution that will not only save on costs, but will also improve environmental credibility and brand reputation, by use of resource recovery and manufacturing.

Our resource recovery and manufacturing process covers hard plastics, wood, metal, and even animal bi-products. Discover how our tailored solutions can transform your business’ waste into a valuable, important resource.



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