Balers are found in virtually every recycling site acrossH Baler
the UK performing an essential task in making material
easier to handle and transport.
 And, with more producers
of recyclable materials, such as shopping centres and distribution outlets, recognising the advantage of baling on site, more smaller machines are now being sought after. Most are installed indoors but weatherproof versions for outside areas are also available.




 Kenburn banner

Kenburn Our balers are ideal for managing commercial waste
and reducing your waste disposal costs.  With one of the UK’s
most diverse range of vertical and horizontal balers, Kenburn
can supply a solution that’s right for your business.



Bergmann is constantly developing machinery to improve
your efficiency, reduce operator times and your carbon footprint.
Innovative machinery gives you a competitive cost advantage
by reducing your waste costs.

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Whitham Mills Engineering design, manufacture and
supply a complete range of highly efficient, reliable and
profitable Baling Systems with optional feed Conveyors.

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