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The Directory contains details of suppliers offering recycling and waste management services, vehicles and equipment. To appear in the Directory, please call Yasin Hassan, tel: 020 7633 4517 or email: yasin.h@letsrecycle.com .

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Valpak Ltd

Valpak is the UK’s leading environmental compliance scheme, managing the recycling obligations of over 5,000 UK businesses under producer responsibility laws.

Valpak - Directory

address Valpak Limited
Stratford Business Park
Banbury Road
CV37 7GW

website http://www.valpak.co.uk

email info@valpak.co.uk

Phone 08450 682 572

fax 08450 682 532

Recycling Bins

RecyclingBins is the market leading retailer for offices, schools and homes. We stock everything in our UK warehouse with most products arriving with our customers within 48 hours from placing the order (Monday-Friday). Our product range varies from the budget recycling bin all the way through to our luxury split compartment Aluminium bin. Schools and the Public Sector receive 30 days credit for all orders.

Recycling Bins - Directory

address Unit D1
6400 Severn Drive
Tewkesbury Business Park
GL20 8SF

website http://www.recyclingbins.co.uk/

email sales@recyclingbins.co.uk

Phone 01452 859840


Ricardo-AEA is one of the world’s leading consultants in the fields of waste management, resource efficiency, carbon management, environmental quality, energy and sustainability – operating in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA and SE Asia. It is a key provider of advisory services to the UK Government and works extensively with the EU and other public sector organisations as…

Ricardo - AEA

address Gemini Building
Fermi Avenue
OX11 0QR

website http://www.ricardo-aea.com/cms/

email adam.read@ricardo-aea.com

Phone +44 (0)1235 753 171

Smart Solutions

smartsolutions is a provider of business outsourcing services, ranging from labour mobilisation projects, recruitment and delivery of a fully managed flexible workforce, to back office functions, permanent recruitment, staff development and training. In addition, smartsolutions provide complete waste management consultancy and recyclate commodity trading from over 30 key service centres across the UK. smartsolutions offers the waste sector an extensive range in integrated  business…


address Smart Solutions HQ
Raleigh House,
Langstone Business Park,
NP18 2LA,

website http://www.smartsolutions.co.uk/

email info@smartsolutions.co.uk

Phone 08449 671 061


CDEnviro was initially established as a division of CDE Global Ltd in 2008 with the intention of bringing the experience gained in the screening and classification of construction materials and other minerals to the waste water treatment industry in the UK and beyond. In April 2011 the Enviro business unit was established as a limited company, CDEnviro Ltd, to provide…

cd enviro

address Ballyreagh Industrial Estate,
County Tyrone,
BT80 9DG

website http://www.cdenviro.com/

email info@cdenviro.com

Phone +44 (0)28 8676 7900

fax +44 (0)28 8676 1414

Trojan Bins

Trojan Bins is a business specialising in the sale of most types of litter and waste containers. A substantial part of our range is unique to us either through ownership of the tooling or exclusivity trading agreements.

We have placed considerable emphasis on our range of recycling bins which offer low cost solutions to waste separation in the office, business and educational sectors. We are currently investing further resources in developing two further recycling product ranges.

Outside of recycling bins Trojan offers many other product solutions to meet your waste needs including plastic and metal sack holders, pedal bins, waste baskets, external bins and much more.

As a wholesaler and stockist we offer same day despatch for next day delivery and welcome your enquiries.

Trojan Bins - Directory

address Unit D1
6400 Severn Drive
Tewkesbury Business Park
GL20 8SF

website http://www.trojanbins.com/

Phone 01684 295782

Mayer Environmental

Mayer Environmental has been providing high quality advice to the waste and recycling industry for over 14 years. We work with both the largest and some of the smallest companies in the sector, along with regulators, policy makers and trade organisations. Our range of clients, our exposure to policy and our pragmatic understanding of the application of these policies gives…

mayer environmental

website http://www.mayer-enviro.com

email Patrick.davison@mayer-enviro.com

Phone 020 8847 3637

fax 020 8847 3638


UNTHA UK is the country’s leading supplier of innovative shredding technology and waste management expertise.

Untha - Directory

address Excel House,
Becklands Close
Bar Lane
YO51 9NR

website http://www.untha.co.uk

email sales@untha.co.uk

Phone 0845 450 5388

fax 0845 450 5389

Wheelie Bins

WheelieBins is the market leading retailer for all sizes and colours of Wheelie Bins. We stock everything in our UK warehouse with most products arriving with our customers within 3-5 working days. Our bins are all brand new and of the highest quality conforming to EN840. Our product range includes the usual 140, 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litre bins but we can also customise with drop doors, recycling tops, confidential lids etc. Our large product range also includes various other dustbins and outdoor bins. Public sector and schools automatically receive 30 days credit.

Wheelie Bins - Directory

address Unit D1
6400 Severn Drive
Tewkesbury Business Park
GL20 8SF

website http://www.wheeliebins.co.uk/

email sales@wheeliebins.co.uk

Phone 01452 859840

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Bradshaw has been supplying Industrial Electric Vehicles to both the UK and world market since 1975 and is now the largest UK based manufacturer in this sector. Our tow tractor range is ideal for transporting waste and recycling.  We also offer load carriers, utility vehicles and personnel carriers – together with a range of service options and vehicles adapted to meet the…


address Bradshaw Electric Vehicles
New Lane

website http://www.bradshawelectricvehicles.co.uk/

email enquiries@bradshawelectricvehicles.co.uk

Phone 01780 782621

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