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Taking the lead on waste

Philip Simpson of ReFood explains why the English waste sector needs leadership from Defra

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Waterbeach MBT back in action

Waterbeach new machineryAmeyCespa's Tom Coleman explains process of getting MBT back up and running

  • Boosting your bottom line by preventing waste!

    DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING OF THIS WEBINAR BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.With the Government set to publish a new Waste Prevention Programme in December 2013, this webinar will look at how the private, public and third sector can work effectively to reduce waste and increase re-use, with clear financial and environmental benefits.

  • Lifting the Lid: Get Students Recycling


    The panel discussed some of the issues surrounding student recycling rates. You will get ideas of practical ways to encourage greater participation and waste minimisation amongst the student population.

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Waste Logics

Waste Logics is an online waste management software system that meets the day-to-day operation needs of waste management businesses.


Willshees is one of the largest independently owned waste management companies in the UK with a purpose built recycling centre in Burton-on-Trent.

VPG Onboard

PM Onboard, a brand of VPG Onboard, offers a number of patented payload optimisation and overload protection systems to help operators avoid OCRS violations and fines,