Materials - Veolia's View Sunday 19 January 2020
23 October 2019

Paving the way for lower carbon emissions

Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Veolia UK and Ireland discusses carbon emissions and the use of Veolia’s platform to monitor and report on businesses' carbon emissions.

20 May 2019

Saving the earth starts in the backyard


Timothee Duret, technology and organics director, Veolia UK & Ireland, reflects on the need to reduce and restrict the use of peat and use sustainable compost instead. We often think of ...

12 February 2019

The ragged resurgence of textile recycling


Richard Kirkman, chief innovation and technology officer at Veolia UK & Ireland, takes a look at progress in delivering a circular economy for textiles. History has shown there has always been some value in textile recovery. ...

4 December 2018

Boosting the sustainability for UK metals


Richard Kirkman of Veolia UK & Ireland discusses the role metals play in a diverse range of industries. They are a vital part of the UK economy, they perform crucial enabling roles for many industrial growth sectors and are essential for ...

10 October 2018

Driving the new plastic circular economy


Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Veolia UK and Ireland gives his thoughts on the need to build a truly sustainable plastic circular economy. Over five million tonnes of plastic a year and ...