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Wastepack is among the UK's largest approved compliance providers, covering both the UK packaging waste regulations and the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Regulations. We stand for the interests of our customers and work to minimize compliance costs and complexities.


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The Wastepack Group was founded in 1994 to meet the specialist requirements of businesses facing new environmental legislation. Today Wastepack is a leading supplier of recycling services, taking care of the legal obligations of more than a thousand businesses. The company operates approved compliance schemes covering the packaging waste regulations and the WEEE regulations. It also provides a range of recycling and waste management advisory services to meet additional customer needs. Wastepack is approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Electrolink WEEE Compliance
Electrolink Recycling Ltd operates registered compliance schemes for the WEEE Regulations, covering all types of obligation. Its unique approach includes the possibility of offering a fixed price per tonne in some circumstances for members requiring certainty for the year ahead. There are no upfront levies for business to business (B2B) members who only pay recycling costs when they actually take equipment back. Retailers are advised individually on whether to offer take-back or to join the DTS exemption scheme. The company can provide a WEEE collection service to retailers.

Wastepack Packaging Compliance
Wastepack Ltd operates several registered approved compliance schemes for the packaging waste regulations, including the bi-lingual ‘Recycle Wales’ scheme.  The company has been involved in recycling packaging since 1994 and has provided producer responsibility compliance since the regulations were introduced in 1997.   Wastepack also offers a packaging data gathering service to all obligated businesses, whether members of other schemes or directly Agency registered.

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