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Founded in 1972, TOMRA Recycling is a renowned leader in the design and manufacture of sensor-based sorting systems for the global recycling and waste management industry. In 1996, we pioneered the world’s first high capacity Near Infrared (NIR) sensor for waste sorting applications in a unit designed to sort and recover beverage cartons. Since then, the global recycling and waste management industry has progressed dramatically, with sensor-based sorting technologies playing a fundamental a role in advancing resource recovery.

Today, TOMRA remains an industry pioneer with a dedication to operational value and sustainability. Our state-of-the-art machinery, industry expertise and exceptional service helps you meet your short-term objectives while also ensuring long-term success. More than 7,400 TOMRA units have been installed in 100+ countries worldwide, giving us a global market share of more than 60%. A dedicated team of more than 4,300 TOMRA employees are located across the major regional markets in which we operate.

TOMRA House, our 1,800 sq feet double-storey facility in the outskirts of Leicester in the East Midlands is a Centre of Excellence for service provision to TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ and TOMRA Collection Solutions’ customers in the UK and Ireland. Our vast warehouse facility holds €1m worth of spare parts and equipment for immediate delivery to TOMRA’s customers.

Committed to the Circular Economy

TOMRA has been practising circular waste management for more than 50 years and in 2019 we established TOMRA’s Circular Economy Division (TCE) to drive systemic and technological innovation forward and accelerate the transformation to a circular economy, shaping future waste and resource systems.

An example of TCE’s work can be seen in our Holistic Resource System, which uses a combination of established recycling practices for collecting, sorting and recycling which include Deposit Return Systems (DRS), Separate Collections, and Mixed Waste Sorting (MWS). Through evidence-based solutions, this system aims to increase recycling rates, cut global annual CO2 emissions and reduce waste.

Resourceful solutions for nearly every waste system

The complex nature of processing waste and metal waste streams often requires more than a standard machine. Our industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies offer you a competitive advantage, while our exceptional service offering maintains optimised operations long-term. We help to identify the best sensor technology combinations to recover high value, high purity recyclables out of diverse waste streams.

TOMRA is much more than a technology provider. We know that it takes more than a machine to make an operation perform at its best. That’s why we continuously improve and expand our worldwide sales, service and support network, enabling us to offer you first-class assistance during every stage of your decision-making process. Whether in the pre-sales, @sales or post-sales phase, our established industry and application expertise ensures maximum performance and productivity of your operations.

For more information on TOMRA visit www.tomra.com/recycling or follow us on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can contact the TOMRA UK team on 0116 218 1430 or email info-uk@tomrasorting.com.

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(above: TOMRA Symphony of all Sorts – Behind the Scenes)

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