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SortFlow Limited is a London-based cleantech company developing software applications and offering consultancy services for the Waste & Recycling Industry.


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SortFlow’s ‘Process Intelligence Platform’ is an innovative software solution which enables designing and modeling MRF/recycling processes, performing technical and commercial evaluations, running financial forecasts and calculate Return-On-Investment (ROI) for new and upgrade projects. The platform can also be used during the tendering process to perform comparative evaluation for different designs.

Our company provides expert advice and consultancy services to assist waste management companies and recyclers with their new plant process designs and upgrades to their existing facilities. We also perform comprehensive process assessment and business case evaluation (e.g. measuring impact of DRS).

At SortFlow, we are committed to bring our customers unique and innovative software solutions to help them process their waste and recycle more efficiently.

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SortFlow Overview

SortFlow is a unique and innovative software solution to design, model and virtually test waste recovery and recycling processes.

SortFlow supports waste & recycling companies in 2 ways by:

  • Improving the design of new waste recovery (MRFs, PRFs) and recycling operations
  • Optimising the efficiency and profitability of existing waste processing operations


Smart Design & Modelling

  • Customise your input materials to run simulations for your plant with various operational scenarios
  • Evaluate process efficiency on both technical and commercial levels
  • Predict purity, recovery and yield for all waste products
  • Access to smart tools to optimise plant capacity
  • Provides access to latest prices and material intel to fine-tune your models

SortFlow Benefits

  • Design or model a sorting process quickly and efficiently: precise mass balance calculated automatically
  • Test and evaluate a sorting process virtually based on different input material compositions and operational scenarios
  • Easily identify equipment efficiencies and process bottlenecks to understand the limitations of a process and identify the best upgrade paths
  • Effortlessly generate product revenues and operating cost forecasts for plant operations over projected plant lifetime
  • Build business cases for new sorting infrastructure and upgrade projects
  • Simulate Return-On-Investment based on projected CAPEX, OPEX and product revenues
Forecasted Product Revenues (Best-case & Worst-case scenarios)
Forecasted Product Revenues (Best-case & Worst-case scenarios)


Return-On-Investment (Cumulative revenues and costs, profitability, breakeven point)

Consultancy Services

  • The SortFlow team brings over 15 years of industry experience to assist you with plant design and optimisation
  • We offer services to model your existing plants, make process upgrade recommendations and evaluate new designs
  • We can support you in building comprehensive business cases for your new projects


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