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60 Cheapside

Are you a frequent producer of scrap metal? Do you sell to the same local buyer not knowing what the prices other buyers are paying? Or do you spend time digging to see who is paying the best price for your metal type?

Suppose it comes down to what your priority is… Convenience or profit. Why can’t you have both?

Introducing ScrapBays a platform that allows you to auction your metals at the click of a button.

The app gives you the opportunity to put your metal out to a much bigger pool of potential buyers ensuring you get the best price. The money is held in an escrow-like account on completion of the auction, reducing risks and ensuring you get paid on time when dealing with new trading partners.

Want to find out more? Check it out, ScrapBays.

ScrapBays mission is to encourage the recycling of metals by modernising and securing all trades within the scrap industry.

ScrapBays is set to launch within the next month – sign up now and be part of the first wave. Take advantage of being one of the first sellers to the platform and maximise the money out of your metal via our new online marketplace.


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