Renewi UK Services Ltd (RUKS) TENDER – Collection from HWRCs for Recycling of Tyres

Renewi UK Services Ltd (RUKS), on behalf of Council of the City of Wakefield (Council) and Wakefield Waste PFI Limited, will be procuring for the collection, delivery and disposal of specific waste stream, in this instance used tyres, from various waste facilities across the district of Wakefield.

The tender process will be conducted in 2 stages. A pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) will be issued to all interested parties. The responses to the PQQ will be scored against set criteria and to this shortlist of potential suppliers an invitation to tender (ITT) will be issued, for all or some of the services required.

The applicants may choose to be considered for one, multiple or all waste types listed below:

Specific Waste: 

  • Collection from HWRCs for Recycling of Tyres
  • Collection from waste transfer station of tyres


The waste types are currently in contract and are due to run until 31st December 2023. Therefore, any contracts offered will aim to commence from 1st January 2024. It is the intention that any contract awarded will run for a 12-month period, but this will be subject to our terms & conditions.

If you are interested in tendering for this contract, please send an email: matthieu.glasson@renewi.com quoting PQQ/WK/SPW/2023 no later than 22nd November2023.

Tender documents will be sent out electronically by: on the 15th November 2023

Late applications will not be accepted. 

Anticipated date for return of ITT tender documents: 2pm on the 24th November 2023

Anticipated award date is; 15th December 2023

The expected date of commencement of contract is 1st January 2024

Renewi accepts no liability whatsoever for expressions of interest that are not received due to internet connectivity issues, transmission delays or errors.


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