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Norpol’s operating centre in Nelson, Lancashire was the first licensed and E.A. accredited polymer recycling centre in the North West of England


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We are currently the foremost northern provider of controlled waste management and recycling facilities to those sectors of the industry with a legal obligation to Packaging Producer Responsibility.

The government is putting more pressure on businesses than ever before and setting specific recycling targets which are higher every year. Companies which are found not to be taking responsibility for their recycling obligations are facing legal action and bad publicity for non-compliance.

The good news is, that by managing your waste into separate streams and preparing it for transport, it can potentially be sold for recycling and produce an income instead of being a cost and a burden to the company. You can also have a clear conscience in knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment by having your waste recycled and diverting it away from landfill sites.

Norpol’s innovation and expertise has been at the forefront of British polymer recycling for over 30 years. Our success has enabled continuous investment in modern environmental technology

In the last ten years Norpol have moved forward considerably. The company has expanded dramatically and the site has been extended to accommodate new machinery and provide warehousing. In addition to compounding and service work, Norpol have also invested heavily into shredding and granulation work as well as expanding the export side of the business. Whilst our modern fleet covers all areas of the U.K. Norpol’s administration is well accustomed to the global markets and our financial standing is well respected, firmly established and second to none.

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